Crespi's Big Little Man

Mike Davison

5'2/135 pounds and one of the best players in the state? Yup, That's Mike Mike.

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Mike Davison, affectionately known as "Mike Mike", is a diminutive football player at Crespi, generously listed at 5'2 and 145 pounds. But with the ball in his hands, Davison becomes a giant.

What Davison lacks is obvious. He is smaller than a lot of the ball boys, and there's no question about him being the smallest player on the field; he is.

But Davison is blessed with other physical gifts including strength beyond his size, balance that would make a world class snowboarder jealous, and feet quicker than an old school sewing machine. Not to mention guts... but the truckload.

Davison was a terror in the 7on7 camps this summer where speed and quickness reign supreme in a non-contact league, but he's not a shorts and t-shirts side show. He's the real deal on the field as well.

Knowing that he has to play every down full speed, he does. He makes quick steps and walks around would be tacklers as if they were willing partners in a dance. Davison is at full speed in two steps at most, and he's not afraid of contact, even though most of it is aimed at his head simply because his head is at arm and shoulder level for tacklers.

Crespi opened its season against Dominguez on Friday night. Dominguez is blessed with roughly 10 players that will sign D1 scholarships this Signing Day, but Mike Mike made most of them look like they were running in quicksand while he glided across the top.

Here is a look at him in action including a pair of early punt returns and finished off by a drop the ball, spin in a circle, reverse fields, "oh my goodness did you see that" touchdown.

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