They Lead the State

James Finley - one of the leading receivers

Crescenta Valley senior Hudson Gossard and Berean Christian senior Stephen Bradley lead as top passer and top rusher in this week's state stat leader lists. Reported totals only and they do not include any games played this week.

We have to admit that it's sure a lot easier compiling these charts this year now that the L.A. Times is doing its own comprehensive stat lists for the CIF Southern and L.A. City sections. Some of you in Orange County or out in the San Fernando Valley may not like the new coverage of the Times, but for us we love it. Thank you, L.A. Times.


Name (School, City) Games-Att-Comp-Yds
Hudson Gossard (Crescenta Valley, La Crescenta) 7-234-168-2,105
Evan Bridewell (Piner, Santa Rosa) 7-222-142-2,085
Markell Gallow (Sacramento) 7-185-101-1,962
Matt Engle (El Segundo) 7-211-131-1,957
Preston Maloney (Santa Barbara) 7-217-117-1,933
Shane Lopes (Dos Pueblos, Santa Barbara) 7-171-108-1,926
Jordan Christensen (Clovis) 7-167-113-1,918
Richard Kovalcheck (St. Augustine, San Diego) 7-226-138-1,899
Marc Guillon (Miramonte, Orinda) 7-151-79-1,820
Eddie Miller (Venice) 6-108-73-1,686
Aaron Rodgers (Pleasant Valley, Chico) 8-162-94-1,684
Angell Reyna (Cajon, San Bernardino) 7-210-96-1,668
Jordan Zapper (Colfax) 7-163-100-1,651
Kyle Wright (Monte Vista, Danville) 7-155-94-1,643
Ryan Thorson (Beyer, Modesto) 7-164-86-1,626
Matt Kaplan (Campbell Hall, North Hollywood) 7-130-83-1,610
J.C. Lewis (Las Lomas, Walnut Creek) 7-157-89-1,609
Sean Spalding (Del Campo, Fair Oaks) 7-183-89-1,597
Cary Dove (Taft, Woodland Hills) 6-176-85-1,571
Bradley Treadway (Selma) 6-142-81-1,529
Beau Budde (San Clemente) 7-200-117-1,488
Jason Kurpjuweit (Quincy) 8-171-89-1,481
Narciso Diaz (Franklin, Los Angeles) 6-185-112-1,471
Andrew Wick (Scotts Valley) 7-215-118-1,461
Brian Black (Orestimba, Newman) 7-266-133-1,454
Sam Keller (San Ramon Valley, Danville) 7-148-99-1,453
Ben Olson (Thousand Oaks) 7-162-106-1,452
Scott Jensen (Birmingham, Van Nuys) 6-101-70-1,451
Rick Coppack (Oceanside) 7-170-98-1,447
Arthur Giddens (Manual Arts, Los Angeles) 6-155-95-1,434
Not Reported: Josh Sessions (North Hills, Vallejo) had 1,379 yds in 6 games.

Touchdown Passes: Jordan Christensen (Clovis) 28, Sean Spalding (Del Campo) 23, Evan Bridewell (Piner) 22, Eddie Miller (Venice) 21, Richard Kovalcheck (St. Augustine) 20, Angell Reyna (Cajon) 20, Trent Edwards (Los Gatos) 20, Matt Kaplan (Campbell Hall) 20, Scott Jensen (Birmingham) 20.


Name (School, City) Games-Att-Yds
Stephen Bradley (Berean Christian, Walnut Creek) 7-89-1,466
Robbie Dubois (Mission Viejo) 7-167-1,457
Daniel Dixon (El Modena, Orange) 6-136-1,417
Kenny James (Dos Palos) 6-148-1,365
Mike Liti (Foothill, Tustin) 7-151-1,344
Lorenzo Booker (St. Bonaventure, Ventura) 7-119-1,337
Vince Mays (Johnson, Sacramento) 7-130-1,317
Glenn Ohaeri (Aquinas, San Bernardino) 7-144-1,314
Marcus Lampkin (Twentynine Palms)7-171-1,308
Reggie Ross (Mira Mesa, San Diego) 7-158-1,254
Cesario Machado (Mesa Verde, Citrus Heights) 7-167-1,238
Ricky Herrod (Natomas, Sacramento) 7-74-1,227
Chauncey Washington (South, Torrance) 7-145-1,209
Dennis Legaspi (Mary Star, San Pedro) 7-173-1,182
Dartangan Johnson (Newport Harbor, Newport Beach) 7-167-1,179
Kollin Woodbury (Joshua Springs) 7-118-1,169
Clark Flournoy (Serrano, Phelan) 7-190-1,168
Reggie Bush (Helix, La Mesa) 7-98-1,167
Brenton Kendrick (Vanden, Travis AFB) 7-124-1,164
Emeka Nnoli (Natomas, Sacramento) 7-103-1,162
Nick Kaiser (Nordhoff, Ojai) 7-147-1,161
J.J. Lopez (Oakmont, Roseville) 7-126-1,151
Aaron Ware (Oaks Christian, Westlake Village) 8-106-1,149
Kenneth Stepter (Rancho Verde, Moreno Valley) 7-185-1,147
Anthony Matagi (Los Amigos, Fountain Valley) 8-102-1,143
Frederick Collins (La Quinta) 7-150-1,136


Name (School, City) Games-No.-Yds.
Danny Moody (Crescenta Valley, La Crescenta) 7-67-679
Dante Bogan (Santa Barbara)7-59-858
James Finley (Manual Arts, Los Angeles) 6-53-942
Nick Berard (Calabasas) 7-51-691
Brian Cosgrove (Scotts Valley) 7-51-608
Pat Taylor (Piner, Santa Rosa) 7-49-615
Jason Simpson (Piner, Santa Rosa) 7-48-810
Brian Nunez (St. Joseph, Santa Maria) 6-48-613
Jeff Newell (Arroyo, San Lorenzo) 7-48-793
Lalo Perez (Orestimba, Newman) 7-46-468
Irving Jimenez (Saddleback, Santa Ana) 7-46-357
Steve Smith (Taft, Woodland Hills) 6-45-908
Jose Camacho (Ceres) 7-45-573
Justin Green (Campbell Hall, North Hollywood) 7-44-980
Travis Cole (Capital Christian, Sacramento) 7-42-625
Jeremy Arbiso (Troy, Fullerton) 7-42-430
Matt Ball (Albany) 7-41-696
Brad Boyer (Camarillo) 7-40-860
Michael Iafe (St. Augustine, San Diego) 6-39-509
Michael Bolio (North, Torrance) 7-39-655
Robert Davis (Royal, Simi Valley) 7-39-621
Dave Anderson (Thousand Oaks) 7-39-473
Jason Egan (Acalanes, Lafayette) 7-39-384
Jay Staggs (Dos Pueblos, Goleta) 7-38-678
Brody Stringer (San Ramon Valley) 7-38-508
David Leach (Stevenson, Pebble Beach) 7-38-496
Justin Giles (Newbury Park) 7-38-465

Touchdown Catches: Cavelle McDonald (North Hills, Vallejo) reported with 11 two weeks ago, but not reported last week. Jason Simpson (Piner) and Jeff Nowlin (Clovis) both are listed with 10 this week.


Name (School) TDs-Conv-FG-Total Pts
Stephen Bradley (Berean Christian, Walnut Creek) 7-23 TDs-13 2pt, 164 pts
Vince Mays (Johnson, Sacramento) 7-25 TDs, 150 pts
Lorenzo Booker (St. Bonaventure, Ventura) 7-22 TDs, 7 2pt, 146 pts
Kyle Killingsworth (Ferndale) 7-22 TDs, 4 PAT, 3 2pt, 142 pts
Mike Liti (Foothill, Tustin) 7-23 TDs, 1 2pt, 140 pts
Frederick Collins (La Quinta) 7-22 TDs, 3 2pt, 138 pts
Kenny James (Dos Palos) 6-20 TDs, 4 2pt, 128 pts
Robbie Dubois (Mission Viejo) 7-21 TDs, 126 pts
Jerone Garrett (S.J. Memorial, Fresno) 7-20 TDs, 120 pts
Marcus Lampkin (Twentynine Palms) 7-19 TDs, 1 2pt, 116 pts
Reggie Bush (Helix, La Mesa) 7-19 TDs, 114 pts
Matt Fountaine (Bishop O1Dowd, Oakland) 7-19 TDs, 114 pts
Brody Angley (Enterprise, Redding) 8-14 TDs, 23 PAT, 2 FG, 113 pts
David Angulo (Cathedral City) 7-18 TDs, 1 2pt, 110 pts
Chris Grempel (Alhambra) 7-18 TDs, 108 pts
Chase Twedell (Valley Christian, Cerritos) 7-18 TDs, 108 pts
DeAndre McFarland (Pinole Valley) 7-17 TD, 3 2pt, 108 pts
Richard Gonzalez (Winters) 8-17 TDs, 2 2pt, 106 pts
Donelle Darling (Laguna Beach) 7-17 TDs, 1 2pt, 104 pts
Gary Franklin (Monte Vista, Spring Valley) 7-17 TDs, 1 2pt, 104 pts
Dramayne McElroy (Rialto) 7-16 TDs, 4 2pt, 104 pts
Alex Ballard (Arrowhead Christian) 7-15 TDs, 7 2pt, 104 pts
Daniel Dixon (El Modena, Orange) 6-17 TDs, 102 pts
Chauncey Washington (South, Torrance) 7-17 TDs, 102 pts
J.D. Washington (Campbell Hall, N. Hollywood) 7-16 TDs, 2 2pt, 100 pts
Clark Flournoy (Serrano, Phelan) 7-16 TDs, 2 2pt, 100 pts
8-man: Evan Fisher (Julian) 7-38 TDs, 5 PAT, 233 pts

Your stats missing? Coaches, statisticians welcome to call in corrected or unreported totals to (209) 463-9050. Also may email to: We plan to follow the leaders on a week-to-week basis for the rest of the season and will periodically run full stat lists in the newsletter and on the web site. Recommended Stories